Sunday, 23 November 2014


There is certainly an importance that your web site needs to be well linked internally. This could be considered as a way to get incoming links to pages in the site. Here are some tips that are rendered to help you in internal linking!
1. Use text links in anchor tags instead of using images to hold links. This is advocated because it would be easy for the search engines to crawl and read the text links though google could read images yet.

2. Well built and internally linked pages are often considered as a good sign of a professional website and hence this shall also be considered as an important factor.

 3.  When your website is internally linked well, you can use the web master tool of google to crawl the specified link as well as those links that are directed to from the page you specify! This is an advantage as well!

4. It is necessary if you could use the breadcrumb navigation in your site. Here we tell you what a bread crumb is!!

A bread crumb shows the user how one has traveled from the home or the index page to the web page which is currently seen.  This is inturn used by the bots and hence it leads them into internal pages as well!

5. Usage of an XML site map- The XML site map should be placed in the web site and it would be useful for the user as well as the robots. The XML site map can also be submitted to google using the web master tool..

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