Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Top 7 free SEO tools for ON page optimization

1. Pingdom Website Speed Tool
Pingdom's Website Speed Tool tests the load time of a page, analyzes it, and finds bottlenecks.

2. XML Sitemap Inspector

XML Sitemap Inspector validates your sitemap (XML or gunzip), repairs errors, and pings all search engines.

3. Google Snippet Preview

Google Snippet Preview tool helps visualize and optimize what is displayed to searchers.The snippet that appears in Google Search is usually taken from these meta tags. 

4. URI Valet

 URI Valet Header Checker is used to view total number of objects (http requests), time to download, object details, document internal links, and external links along with verifying server headers for each..

5. Xenu's Link Sleuth

Xenu's Link Sleuth is a PC based spidering software that checks websites for broken links. It performs validation of text links, frames, images, local image maps, and backgrounds.

6.Title and Description Optimization Tool

Title and description optimization tool gives insight as to what the top ranking competitors are using for titles and descriptions. The best competitor intelligence tool of its type.

7. Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML is a free converter tool for documents created in Microsoft Word, Writer, and other word processing software.

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