Friday, 8 August 2014

35 SEO factors that determines webpage ranking!!!

The factors that the search engines use to rank our web sites are the ones that drive us mad..!People say that the Google uses algorithms to rank web sites and that’s true. But in fact there is no clarity in what are factors that the algorithm looks for to rank a web site.

Here are the few important factors that we need to consider to get a good rank for our site...

1.Google + activity
2.Facebook shares and (not likes) You can refer to our earlier post to get more info..
3.Number of quality backlinks
4.Facebook comments
6.Facebook likes
7.nofollow links
8.Unique IPs linking to the page
9.Root domains linking to the page
10.sub domains linking to the page

11.Moz rank for the subdomains and the main domains
12.Domain authority
13.Total links to the subdomain
14.Internal pages matching the anchor text
15.Keyword use in title tag
16.keyword use in anchor tag
17.Title tag content
18.Keyword in meta tag match
19.Natural Meta description info
20.Site map
21.schema markup
22.Content:image ratio
23.Keyword density
24.Twitter card embedded in page
25.G+ in page
26.URL length in characters
27.Title length
28.Total adsense
29.Site speed

30.Social signals
31.Internal link ratio
32.Thin content
33.Domain value/history
34.Social graphs
35.Exchange links
These are the visible factors that are to be concentrated to get a good rank for the website.For more seo tips ,tricks & updates connect with us at our fb page or visit .The rest in next!!!

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