Friday, 8 August 2014

Image Optimization-Another SEO factor!!!

Here we give a dose of info about the image optimisatiom techniques and its necessity for SEO.....

Why are images to be optimised?

1.The images like other fresh contents in your site can get more traffic for your site. When the images are rightly optimised ,the the image based search engines could fetch you more traffic!

2. As a matter of fact, one image can convey the message of one thousand words more visibly with more authority. But at the same time, we must be very careful in choosing the right images to be used.

Below is a list of some image optimisation techniques!!

1.The usage of “<alt>” tag is very important when we use the images in the site. The images when not displayed ,the alternate name will be diaplayed. Again, this can be a keyword too. The web crawler look for keywords in alt tag ..

2.The file names that you use for the images are also considerably important.The file names are to be keyword stuffed ,plain ,descriptive. This is to make names look natural as well as serve our purpose.

3.Be careful! Donot stuff so many keywords in your alt tag . For example

<img src=”xyz.jpg” alt=”The best xyz bike at cheapest price in the city”>. This looks odd and would never serve our purpose.

4. We must also consider the loading time of any page in our site. So, make sure the image size is not too large. Use the free tools like Image optimizer or picnic,etc.,The google wants the most thing to happen in very least time and images are never exception to it.The search engines calculate the page speed and this is alsoa factor for ranking the site.! Needed more info,here it is..

5.Use the best relevant images only! We know that a pic is worth 1000 words but then it must be used rightly nad effectively to gain traffic. The Uniquenss of the image is more important and hence do not use the same you found online. The best practice is to atleast crop the image you get online but see to that the quality doesn’t get compromised!
optimised image

6. Use the title tag for images effectively so that it gets displyed when hovered on. Here you can follow the same keyword stuffing strategy written in previous posts.
Optimised image

7.The Schema can also be used but no so important. Refer for more info...

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