Saturday, 26 July 2014

A dozen BEST SEO TIPS to make your web pages rank higher in Google

1.Make sure that your has no broken links. If there are drops downs and menus, be sure to link that properly and only then the crawlers show a green signal for your site to have good SERP result.

2.Mind that the SEO is done not for the entire site but at page level. So you need to put your concentration on all the pages before and after your site is launched. On page page optimization of almost all the necessary pages in your site is a mandate..

3.I suggest a good dynamic and fresh content in your home page because once your brand name gets popularized , you need to satisfy the visitors who shall visit only your home page with your URL. So, good content in the home page is advocated.

4.The Time On Site is also an important factor just because the user engagement in your site has a high priority for sites through which you earn

5.Think all about the SEO factors before you go for the design of the website. I advocate this because the layout of the effective contents in the site shall be planned well only if the SEO factors are well studied!

6.Never use flash or AJAX as linking to a single page is a little trouble with them. In the worst case, use them sparingly.

7.Build Quality links to your site. We stress only on quality and quantity is least important when compared to quantity of back links that you get of poor quality!

8.Above the fold technique also gives a good & significant boost but when design is the splash needed  then we can  compromise a little.

9.The taglines or the captions must be using the keywords in a optimum fashion.

10.The optimization of the images is also important in satisfying the spiders.

11.Use the XML site-map in your site. Be cautious when using the robots.txt file.

12.Link your blog with your site as this could render fresh contents to your site which the Goolge always likes.!!

All these SEO Tips could help you achieve what you want!! Enjoy doing SEO.! 

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