Thursday, 24 July 2014

SEO Result is not in a flip of a switch!!!!

Many who need the Search Engine Optimisation of their sites expect the results be happened in a flip of a switch. Rather, I say that SEO is a process that has to be worked on regularly. There are so many rules that may not be hard and fast but ought to be eyed on to achieve the best results. The SEO guys are to be careful in choosing the title, content, etc., All you need to do is to render the content naturally! The keywords are to be chosen in such a way that they are less competitive but have a huge search volume. The keywords are to be stuffed properly and the content should look natural even after the keywords are stuffed. How much ever you do SEO for your site, the factors of the design and appearance and other marketing factors also play a major role. We need to do constant SEO as the good SERP is achieved in varied durations depending on the competitors and many other factors. There should be a control on the optimal keyword density ratio too. Most of the sites might have got broken links and they are to be removed before we start the SEO.

The Google keyword analysis tool can be used do the keyword analysis and utmost care has to be taken when one gets into this phase. We have experienced & recommend that one needs to have perfect understanding of the business for which the site is created and also knows the various marketing strategies to do best SEO for the site.

The keyword phrases can be used but how..? The keywords when used individually yields good result but it may look little more natural if those keyword are clubbed and made as phrases. The natural keyword phrases could combine the search volume of many keywords which would stand as an advantage. Enjoy doing SEO..!!!!

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