Friday, 25 July 2014


The basic thing one needs to do to gain more traffic to the website is to use exactly the search terms for which you need your site to be listed in the SERP. The search terms become the keywords and the proper use of keywords is more important in improving the reach of any site. We would suggest the following.

1.Use the right keywords exactly the right number of times. The number of times a keyword is used to the number of other words in the content is popularly termed as the keyword density and the keyword density shall be maintained within 4 percent. SEO tip is that if keywords are rightly used then the content would look natural. The artificial stuffing of the keywords into the content for the purpose of reach would push your site down in SERP.

     2. Another important SEO fact is that the title must be properly framed and effectively utilised. We strongly recommend the use of the primary keyword in the title and the title shall be a minimum of 65-70 characters. Title and the content must always be relevant. Again ,we leave a note of caution the title should not be framed just for the purpose of reach with no relevancy to the content. The PANDA is noticing you…!

     3.Next SEO tip is the proper & effective use of the description tag. The meta description is what is shown in the SERP. Sketch this with little care & let your meta description have at-least 160 characters. Use keywords such that the user be able to make out what your website is all about!

     4.We have experienced that the prominence of the keyword also plays a vital role. So place the keyword at the very right place may be in the top or bottom of the page!

     5. Make your content meaningful and content relevancy is also very important. Think that you are always eyed constantly by the HUMMING BIRD of Google.

      6.Site freshness is also expected by the Google in ranking your site. Do update your site’s content in a constant frequency so you gain more views to your site.

There are many more you need to do as a part of the on page optimisation in your site but we consider this as the ABCD of SEO. When these are done on priority, the rest you do as part of SEO will have the effect. Enjoy doing SEO as a sport.

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